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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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Thursday, January 4, 2024




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Users of these HOWTOs


The role of these HOW-TOs is, akin to a cookbook, to share a collection of (technical) recipes ("how-to do this task?) regarding various topics.

These elements are part of the Ceylan umbrella project.

The latest version of this documentation is to be found at the official Ceylan-HOWTOs website (http://howtos.esperide.org), otherwise at its mirror.

These HOWTOs are also available in the PDF format (see Ceylan-HOWTOs-english.pdf).

Most of the Ceylan HOWTOs pertain to an open-source, GNU/Linux context (precisely our favorite distribution is Arch Linux).

The current HOWTOs relate to the following topics:

Please React!

If you have information more detailed or more recent than those presented in this document, if you noticed errors, neglects or points insufficiently discussed, drop us a line! (for that, use the contact address at the top of this document).

Ending Word

Hoping that these Ceylan-HOWTOs may be of help!